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The handwoven items I produce include table linens, blankets, curtains, cushion covers, scarves, shawls, and much more. I enjoy using a variety of weaving techniques, not just the basic ones such as tabby, twill, and overshot, but also variations such as double weave and all sorts of lace weaves. I like using many different fibres and weights of yarn, as well.


The items listed below are some of the most common items that customers order, but if you have something different in mind, just ask! I use a variety of natural and synthetic fibres, such as wool, mohair, silk, cotton, linen, and acrylic. Prices will vary based on the type of fibres used, the complexity of the pattern, and the time necessary to produce the item. Please use the contact form below to get a more accurate price or to place an order.

The measurements given below are approximate.

Blankets and Throws

Wool plaid blanket
(double bed size, 72″ x 84″)
Throw blanket
(40″ x 60″)
Crib blanket
(“36″ x 54”)
Baby blanket
(36″ x 36″)
Lap robe
(30″ x 40″)

Kitchen and Dining

Cotton lace tablecloth
(54″ x 78″)
Cotton lace tablecloth
(54″ x 66″)
Square Tablecloth
(36″ x 36″)
Table runner
(any size)
$15 per
square foot
Place mats
(12″ x 18″)
$20+ each
Luncheon mats
(9″ x 12″)
$10+ each
Tea towel
(18″ x 24″)

Shawls and Scarves

Winter scarf
(9″ x 72″)
Fine scarf
(12″ x 72″)
Rectangular shawl
(72″ x 24″)
Triangular shawl $250+

Other Products

Cushion cover
(16″ x 16″)
(about 48″ x 60″)
$300+ pair
Man’s tie
(fine wool or silk)
Yardage (fabric) Varies by fibre
Contact me using the form below to place an order or to ask questions about the project you have in mind. Please keep in mind that custom orders must be placed well in advance, especially around the holiday season.
If you would rather learn how to weave yourself, sign up for classes!


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